Matthew Keenan

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Architecture - University of Minnesota


RECENT AWARDS: 2009 ABC - Exterior Masonry and Precast - Kanabec County Jail; 2009 The North Dakota ready-Mix and Concrete Products Association - Kanabec County Jail

Matthew Keenan has experience working on projects ranging from small renovations to International high-rise commercial towers. He has worked on projects for local cities, counties and the State of Minnesota; with the past 5 years of his career focused exclusively on Public Sector Architecture. He has supervised projects from early schematic design through construction, and is highly experienced working with county representatives throughout the construction process. Matthew's experience with Governmental and Justice projects in the region make him highly qualified, and his advanced rendering and technology skills are utilized throughout Klein McCarthy's design process.

Matthew Keenan Photo

Matthew Keenan