Stevens County Courthouse & Law Enforcement Center Morris, MN

The existing 28,000 SF courthouse (built in 1956) was remodeled to accommodate Human Services, Auditor & Treasurer, Veteran's Services, County Administration, and Extension programs. Lobbies and circulation for Courts and Court Administration were also updated and expanded. A new 23,000 SF addition that includes a Law Enforcement Center, 911 Dispatch, Emergency Operations Center, Courts Holding and Vehicle Sally Port was added to create an integrated Government Campus.

The County Sheriff's Office and City Police Department are now co-located within the County's building, allowing for efficient shared spaces including waiting areas, reception, workrooms, interview rooms, squad room, evidence storage, open office, and circulation space. Each group keeps their separate identity along with separate secure storage, equipment storage, and private office areas. The new Law Enforcement Center takes up two levels of the addition with both public and secured circulation between the floors.