The existing 28,000 SF courthouse (built in 1956) was remodeled to accommodate Human Services, Auditor & Treasurer, Veteran's Services, County Administration, and Extension programs. Lobbies and circulation for Courts and Court Administration were updated and expanded and new Attorney Conference and public waiting spaces were added. A new 23,000 SF addition that includes a Law Enforcement Center, 911 Dispatch, Emergency Operations Center, Courts Holding and Vehicle Sally Port was added to create an integrated Government Campus.

Co-location of the County Sheriff's Office and City Police Department within the County Courts building, allowed for better security and efficient shared spaces. The new courts holding space allows for secure transfer of inmates to the courtrooms and eliminates the transport of inmates through public or staff corridors. Public circulation and access to courts and court services were improved in the renovation, and a new county board room that can also serve as an overflow hearing room was added.