Hennepin County Home School Cottage Remodel Minneapolis, MN
Hennepin County

Established in 1909, the Hennepin County Home School is a minimum-security correctional facility for delinquent juveniles. The seven existing residential cottages (each housing up to 24 juveniles) were constructed in 1966-68 and were badly in need of further systems repair and upgrading to prolong their useful life.

When a 1996 hazardous materials survey identified the need to abate the existing asbestos floor tile, the opportunity was presented to simultaneously perform the necessary repair and rehabilitation work while the cottages were vacated. Remodeling work included general interior and exterior repairs, re-roofing, ventilation and cooling of resident rooms, and functional improvements to the staff desk, kitchen, toilet rooms, and laundry facilities.

To meet the programmatic needs of the Home School, the project included new meeting rooms for small group counseling. The plan also included infilling of the existing small exterior courtyards for additional storage and laundry spaces at each cottage. The design of the new additions pays respect to the existing building character and forms and careful attention was given in the selection of durable and low maintenance materials and systems for long-term use. Because this remodeling required vacating the cottages one at a time, a temporary housing facility was constructed in the lower level of the existing administration building. Upon completion of the remodeling project, the space was converted to other use.