Douglas County Jail Alexandria, MN
Douglas County

Klein McCarthy Architects assisted the Douglas County Board and Sheriff's Office in master planning, programming and design of the new County Jail. The team explored numerous site options that would allow for future expansion and easy access for public and emergency response vehicles.

The facility utilized steel cell modular construction that decreased construction time, provided durable construction materials, and increased spatial efficiency. Each dayroom has skylights and clearstory windows to improve energy efficiency and meet MN Department of Corrections requirements for day lighting and emergency smoke control.

The 150 bed jail is divided into 4 housing units for special management, female, work release and general population. The support spaces (including laundry, kitchen and inmate programs) were designed for future expansion with a maximum capacity of 250 inmates. Central Control and booking are located to take advantage of direct sight observation in addition to a complete CCTV system consisting of 71 cameras and complete door controls.