Clay County Jail Moorhead, MN
Clay County

The County has currently outgrown their existing Jail, as well as the joint Law Enforcement Center County Sheriff and City Police Department. The County also utilized a separate building as an Annex for Work Release which is located adjacent to the existing jail building. Klein McCarthy assisted the county in planning for and expansion and reuse of the existing Law Enforcement Center to accommodate the needs of the jail and law enforcement and to consolidate Work Release into the facility.

The new Jail facility has been programmed and designed for 188 beds, consisting of multiple housing units, utilizing both direct and indirect staff supervision. The facility will contain inmate programs, medical areas, laundry, food service, intake/release and also a secure courts holding area. The new Jail will be connected to an existing underground inmate transfer tunnel that links to the nearby County Courthouse, helping maintain a sense of Government within the existing campus. The new Joint Law Enforcement Center will have access to this tunnel as well.

The design of the facility proposes to close off one city block in the existing County Government campus. The variation in massing and a mixture of exterior materials will help to maintain a human scale within the primarily residential community.