Clay County

With the Clay County Sheriff's Office and the Moorhead City Police Department outgrowing their existing building, the County hired Klein McCarthy Architects and Michael J. Burns Architects to review and adjust their space needs program, and use it to develop a Schematic Design for an expanded facility. With the existing Jail housing moving into a planned jail expansion, the vacated area will be utilized for a Joint Law Enforcement Center remodel and expansion. With the increasing needs of both the Sheriff and the City Police departments, the plan is to horizontally expand the existing building to allow it to remain in the current location.

The Sheriff's Office will maintain separate office areas for Administration, Evidence processing, and Storage; but will share office space for Patrol, Investigations, and all other communal areas. A shared lobby will create a single point of access for the community. The design of the facility proposes to close off one city block within the existing County Government campus. Variation in massing and a mixture of dynamic exterior materials will help to maintain a human scale within the primarily residential community.