Benton County Human Services Foley, MN
Benton County

Klein McCarthy Architects was selected to design the remodeling for the Benton County Human Services Department. The existing building was originally constructed in 1903 to serve as the county courthouse, with subsequent additions in 1930 and 1984. The building had undergone several layers of remodeling over the years as function changes and more space was needed.

As the courts and other county functions had since moved to a new facility, the human services department occupied the existing space. Remodeling was necessary to bring the building spaces into conformance with its intended use and improve operational efficiency.

Working closely with the human services staff, KMC developed a series of alternative schemes to address the issues of interdepartmental work flow, security, privacy, and phasing of construction activities (to be done while the building is occupied); the plans show the result of these planning efforts. As a result of successful construction bids, exterior windows were also replaced throughout the building with insulated aluminum windows improving the energy efficiency of the facility.