Founded in 1977, Klein McCarthy Architects has from its inception cultivated a specialty in justice architecture and public facility design, with over 90 completed justice projects and a solid base of satisfied, long term clients. Firm owner Scott W. Fettig brings decades of experience in leading a team of architects, designers and specialists to provide a justice and government oriented practice for our clients. With a focus on the upper Midwest we have successfully serviced dozens of counties and other government entities in Minnesota and the surrounding region.

We bring both extensive experience and a practical approach to every project. With designs that provide safe, efficient buildings for law enforcement operations, functional government services facilities, and distinguished settings for legal proceedings we have developed an esteemed reputation as a leader in public sector design in the region. For large or small communities, our buildings express a commitment to the public sector and a careful balance of cost with aesthetic appeal.

We believe that architecture exerts great influence upon our communities and so requires designers with extensive knowledge and experience. Klein McCarthy's 30-year practice in the field of justice and government architecture qualifies us to provide the most effective design options and recommendations for our clients' projects. Throughout the design process (from concept to construction) Klein McCarthy Architects will work with you to ensure that all goes smoothly and efficiently, and that the end result will bring enduring satisfaction to you and your community.

For more information on our recent justice architecture projects, please visit our Projects section.